Saturday, October 28 at 6 PM – 10 PM

Hosted at Children’s Community School of West Philadelphia

Imagine a wedding reception that’s not really a wedding, but is more of a glamorous, beautiful, extravaganza with the most delicious food and incredible drinks. Imagine this is happening for one night only…and you don’t want to miss it! This year, we are celebrating the spirit of the Halloween season with a feast honoring our ancestors*. Bring a photo of your beloved dead for the altar, and get ready for a super-special photo booth!

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Ticket Options:

Tickets are prix fixe and the menu is a surprise. You’ll purchase a meat or vegan option (and you’ll be able to tell us if you have dietary considerations. We can accommodate some – but not all – allergies and special needs). Drinks are a la carte, and the bar will be available throughout the night as a separate space to lounge. When ordering tickets, keep in mind that seating will be banquet style. You’ll choose a time slot for your meal. When seats are ready you and your party will be seated at long tables near other guests. We recommend coming with at least one friend if you will be having dinner. Make it a special date night! Or come with a group! Dinner tickets: $35 meat/$30 vegan

We have a limited number of VIP tables available. For this option, you will purchase a round table for 8 people. You will each receive 2 drinks along with your dinner, and some special witchy swag! VIP: $480 per table

Secret Cafe Bar:

If you’d like to join us, but won’t be able to do the dinner tickets, just come for the secret cafe bar! The drinks are amazing, the company is magical and the environment divine.

It’s a Fundraiser!

Proceeds from the Secret Cafe will support members of the In Sacred Balance Wheel (a year long program in feminist earth-based practice for women and non-binary folks) to attend our national retreat in Michigan. We will also be donating a portion of our proceeds to Raquel Saraswati and her projects “The Adalah Initiative” and “Sacred Justice.” ” The Adalah Initiative” works to eradicate honor and gender-based violence and seeks sustainable solutions to extremism. “Sacred Justice” is an interfaith LGBTQ group in Philadelphia. Still in it’s infancy, Sacred Justice seeks to build dialogue between LGBTQ individuals of diverse faith backgrounds, and to work together toward a more just world.

Our Ancestor Theme:

*Our ancestor theme is in honor of the ancestors each of us have in our ancestral lines, as well as an honoring of the ancestors of this land in Philadelphia. We acknowledge this time of harvest when the crops have been gathered. We acknowledge the many traditions from around the world that link the harvest with a time of honoring the dead. We seek to honor those ancestors without appropriating from traditions that are not ours. We ask that you do the same!